A dish to die for.

I’m tired. I’ve been standing next to a four hundred fifty degree oven all day and the air conditioner is broken for the second straight week. I drown another chicken parm in the fryer. We’re slammed, it’s dinner rush. Pots and pans clanging, narco music on the little speakers, dirty jokes being tossed around in Spanish, scorching hot oil crackling and popping like bubble wrap pressed eagerly between fatty fingers.

I’m chasing my dreams in L.A., so naturally I’m working in the back of an Italian restaurant. I’ve had a lot of jobs before this one. In previous lives —…

Ryan Patrick

This article is focused on how we got to where we are now and the defending of Trump by people whom he loathes. I see on social media that a lot of my liberal or non-American friends can’t believe that people still defend Trump, so I will attempt to explain, in my non-scientific, somewhat unsolicited opinion.

Many of my friends both domestic and foreign can’t believe so many people that professed Christian/family values for so long can just throw it out of the window for such an obvious con-man. But here’s the thing, Trump defenders aren’t getting conned…

My name is Ryan Patrick. I’m a comedian in Los Angeles, but previously I worked in politics at various levels of government ranging from municipalities to the United States Senate. I’m compelled to write this because of the late George Floyd and the countless other black lives that have been lost, and my black friends who I very much want to be alive. I’ve decided to take a different approach to get this message across: self interest.

We, as in white non-millionaire Americans, are modern day “House Negroes” for a culture of systemic oppression that not only never went away…

Ryan Patrick

IG: @ryanthomaspatrick

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